Konop Companies, Inc. Employment Positions

Food Service Delivery Driver – Part Time

Friday, 6:00 am – 11:30 am (approximately)

Required Skills: Read and understand packing sheets. Knowledge of proper food handling/food storage. Ability to lift/carry up to 75 lbs. Excellent customer service skills. Good time-management skills. Ability to work in fast-paced environment. Highly organized. Work well with others. Valid drivers license and a clean driving record.

Responsibilities: Assemble and pack deliveries. Make/pick up deliveries. Clean-up end of day. All other duties as instructed by Food Service Manager.

Food Service Cafeteria – Part Time

Required Skills: Knowledge of proper food handling, ability to work in fast-paced environment, focus on customer service, dependable, highly organized, work well with others, self-motivated, must be reliable, flexibility required - may include Saturday hours.

Responsibilities: Cashier; serve food selections to customers in appropriate portions and in a friendly, professional manner as needed; prepare food items on flat-top grill as needed; assist with food prep as needed; set, refill and take down salad bar; stock service stations; clean work/serving/dining areas. All other duties as instructed by the Food Service Manager.

Caterers – Full Time – Seasonal and Permanent

Flexible Scheduling

Required Skills: Understand department standards of food quality and safe food handling standards, proven outstanding communication and organizational skills, flexible scheduling, ability to lift/carry up to 75 lbs on a regular basis.

Responsibilities: Ability to plan, oversee and execute events. Perform tasks related to the set-up of catering functions in a timely manner according to customer requests, including set-up of tables and food, and cleaning. Present high quality catered products, utilize creativity and training in displaying food items. Ensure that food is aesthetically pleasing and appealing. Responsible for building positive client relations. Maintain the supplies and equipment used in all catering functions.

Food Assembly – Full Time

Sunday – Thursday, 5:00 am – 1:30 pm

Assemble food items that will be retailed in our vending machines.

Required Skills: Knowledge of proper food handling techniques. Time management skills. Self-motivated.

Responsibilities: Assemble foods items. Package food items. Clean/organize kitchen area. All other job duties as requested by Commissary Manager.

Dishwasher – Part Time – Summer Only

Monday – Thursday, 12:30 pm – 5:00 pm (or until work is finished)

Required Skills: Ability to communicate and cooperate with supervisors and coworkers. Strong time management skills. Ability to lift moderately heavy items.

Responsibilities: Sort, scrub and rinse dirty dishes, pots, pans, utensils and serving items, send through dish machine. Sort and return dishes to their proper location. Maintain a clean and sanitary work area. Sweep and scrub floors. Clean garbage cans with water or steam.

Send resume/cover letter to: employment@konopcompanies.com

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