Point of Use Coolers

Clean.  Simple.  Smart.


  • Freshly Filtered Water

Every glass is freshly filtered and instantly chilled in  sealed system.  With Ice Bank technology, there is no resevoir to clean or sanitize.

  • InstaChill™ is Really Cool

Patented cooling system delivers 8 gallons of cold water per hour, up to 10 times greater than other coolers.

  • RapidHot™ Turns up the Heat

Tea, cocoa , and even instant soups are delicious with piping hot, filtered water.  RapidHot provides 2 gallons per hour and Hot Safety feature is standard.

  • Sparkling Water Really Refreshes

The healthy soft drink for everyone.  Perfect with juice or a twist of lemon or lime or use SPLASH™ flavorings from Natural Choice.

  • Save Energy...and Money

Every ION is equipped with energy saving SleepMode™ which reduces energy consumption on evenings and weekends.

  • CabonPlus™ Filters it Out

EZChange technology will filter and monitor 1,500 gallons of tap water and replacement is a breeze...without tools and without turning off the water supply.

  • Hygenic, Award Winning Design

Faucet is hidden away from Hands and cups...even accomodates pitchers and carafes.  With every hot water dispense, faucet is sanitized.