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Nicolet Natural Artesian Water

Does your body need a boost? Treat yourself to a thirst quenching drink of cold refreshing artesian water. A water that tastes pure and is good for you.

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Not all water is the same. I am sure you have tasted water from other homes or businesses and noticed a difference. Some water will have a metallic, mineral, or sulfur taste. Water suppliers may take tap water, filter it, add minerals, then bottle and sell it to the unsuspecting public.

Not Us!

Nicolet Water is a pure, non-processed artesian water bottled from wells in the pristine Nicolet National Forest. Refreshing water that meets and exceeds all FDA regulations.  Go to Premium Waters (formerly Nicolet) for a more detailed analysis.


New Customers

Included is our gift of a self-watering pet dish while supplies last. 


Konop representatives are trained to satisfy their customer’s needs. In the Bottled Water division, our representatives regularly perform duties such as delivery on a scheduled basis and maintaining an adequate supply of water at each location. The customer is our top priority. For any other questions or services please contact the Konop Companies by telephone or email. A list of our bottled water equipment is available here.



Crystal Mountain Glacier System

Room temperature and Cold or Hot and Cold water systems designed with water-safe no-spill tops. The models can come with child proof spigots, if needed, to keep children safe. The anti-static body keeps dust and dirt from clinging and has a dishwasher safe polyethylene drip tray. The slender unit is approximately one foot in diameter and 54 inches in height which includes the height of the bottle. This unit uses a standard electrical outlet. 

Service and Training

All Konop Company representatives are supplied with cell phone for efficient  service.  Your Konop representative will perform the following service and/or duties on a regular schedule:


  • Delivers on a scheduled basis
  • Maintains an adequate supply of water on location.


All of our employees are trained in all aspects of our operation.

  • Customer service and satisfaction product awareness
  • Delivery operations
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Follows safety procedures and driving skills

Personal Maintenance

A Konop representative will install and show you how to operate and maintain your water cooler. Maintenance consists of cleaning the water unit's reservoir and spigots once every six months. Thereafter, our representative will make routine visits to deliver your water. If you need water before a scheduled stop, please contact us or use our online order form.

In case you would forget how to clean your cold water unit, follow these steps. This should be done every six months.

Before You Begin

Have the following suggested items ready to clean your cold water equipment.

-Clean rubber gloves
-Paper towels or other clean, dry cloths or towels
-Clean dish type scrub brush, with a long handle to help you reach the bottom of the reservoir
-Plastic scrubbing pad. Never use steel wool, Brillo or other abrasives on your reservoir! 
-Measure one (1) teaspoon liquid bleach per gallon of water. Not for Hot & Cold units. 
- 2 gallon pail or container of water

Step One: Clean the cooler when the water bottle is empty. UNPLUG THE UNIT and remove the empty bottle.

Step Two: For water-safe units, gently lift the top off the cooler. Different brands of units will vary on the type of top. With the top off, you should see the reservoir. If not a water-safe unit, you should see the reservoir when the bottle is taken off the unit.

Step Three: If there is water in the reservoir, drain it out if you wish to keep it for future use.

Step Four: Mix the teaspoon(s) of bleach with the water and fill the reservoir with the solution.

Step Five: Wearing rubber gloves, use the scrub brush to clean the inside of the reservoir with the solution, including faucet(s).

Step Six: Let this sit for several minutes.

Step Seven: Drain all the solution through the faucet(s). This will also clean the inside of the faucet(s) and the connecting hardware.

Step Eight: Rinse out the reservoir with clear, clean water thoroughly, draining the water through the faucet(s) several times until there is no evidence of a chlorine taste and/or odor.

Step Nine: Replace the water-safe top, put a new bottle on cooler, and plug in the unit. Allow several minutes for it to reach the appropriate temperature.

Now you can dry the outside of your cooler if necessary. If you have followed these steps, you'll now have a clean cooler. And, you've taken an active role in preserving the quality of the equipment you use to dispense your pure bottled water.

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